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Yoto Technologies is an IT solutions company which was established in 2013 which provides computer hardware and software sales, repairs and maintenance to townships and rural areas. Information Technology is one of the fastest growing revenue generators in the country’s economy at the moment and has one of the highest impacts on the people’s lifestyles. IT is a highly required service as in this day and age everything is done through technology, for instance businesses depend on the skills of IT technicians to be able to properly run their businesses through vast computer networks, backing up information, connecting to the internet. This IT solutions company will be using technology such as cloud to be able to fix any problems pertaining to computer systems and networks from their designated working space or dispatch technicians to the site should the problems persist. This has never been done in the township and the aim is to provide accessibility to small businesses, individuals and corporate companies.

Computer services and repair services provided by Yoto include hardware, software and network support. Customers can bring their computers with software or hardware issues directly to us or contact our technician to be assisted remotely. Sigqibo Pangabantu was previously manning the IT department of Silulo Ulutho Technologies for the past decade. Because Silulo Ulutho’s focus wasn’t on IT, Yoto Technologies has taken over the whole department and operating it as a sole entity. Mr. Pangabantu has created very strong relationships with the suppliers through the years of working hand in hand such as Mico.

Yoto Technologies is in the process of transitioning from opportunistic organic growth to proactive strategic growth. The plan is to leverage our intimate knowledge of the township communities and rural areas, which has successfully informed our pricing, marketing and operational decisions thus far, to capture the business of the 80% of South Africa that lives in townships.
Yoto Technologies offers township and rural area residents highly-customized IT services. Yoto’s services meet customers’ unique constraints (lack of transportation, minimal disposable income, and limited computer knowledge) and focus on helping them overcome joblessness and lack of opportunity.


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